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About Us

Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of Rooney and Rooney’s office operations. When you visit our office you’ll find a warm, welcoming environment, a comfortable space and a staff that respects your time and attends to your needs.

Our original practice was established in Keyport by Dr. George A. Rooney, Jr. and is now continued by his sons Dr. George and Dr. Chris Rooney who are dedicated to a thorough, interdisciplinary approach to your dental health that includes attention to cosmetics, mechanics (bite) and overall health.

We understand that restorative dental procedures and cosmetic enhancements can instill a sense of dread and fear into even the strongest of hearts. That’s why our mission is to take the time necessary to educate you about your options, provide you with the pros and cons of any procedure, and to help you choose the best plan of action.

In an profession where insurance often dictates the treatment, and over-zealous marketing can obscure results, we’re committed to ensuring that you have all the information, resources and budgetary options you need to make the best possible decision about your dental health.

Call our Holmdel office today at (732) 264-5933 and find out how Rooney and Rooney can make a difference in the restoration and management of your ongoing dental health.

“The thought of changing your family dentist can be unnerving. Will they be as good as my last dentist? How will I be treated as a patient? Will I develop a level of trust and confidence?

For me, these were the start of my questions.

I was referred to Dr. Chris by an oral surgeon. My questions were answered in the first few minutes of my first visit.

My consultation was thorough, compassionate and creative. We talked about options, treatment, expectations and my questions received thoughtful answers.

Everything went exactly as we discussed. Throughout the process I not only received what I thought was excellent attention, but Dr. Chris and the team worked around my schedule.

Not only have I never had second thoughts about Dr. Chris and his team as my dentist, I asked if I could remain a patient even though I now live in Florida.”


West Palm Beach, FL