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What Are Dentures?

Dentures have come a long way since the days of George Washington’s wooden false teeth. Today’s modern dentures are made of acrylic and/or resin, and are molded specifically to fit each individual’s mouth contours. Dentures can be either complete (replacing a full set of adult teeth) or partial (replacing only a portion of your natural teeth).

Benefits Of Dentures

Dentures are used generally as a technique of last resort, when other dental procedures are not indicated or are insufficient to correct existing problems, or when a significant number of natural teeth are missing, either through age, disease, or trauma.

Dentures replace existing teeth, and through improvements in technology, they now match both the look and feel of “real” teeth. They are generally the most cost-effective way to replace missing teeth.

How Are Dentures Created?

Dentures are manufactured in advance, so that a patient requiring extraction of existing teeth will not remain toothless while the dentures are being prepared.

First, the dentist will determine which type of denture appliance is best suited for the patient. The dentist will then take a series of impressions of the patient’s jaw, and make several precise measurements of the dimensions of the patient’s mouth. Models or patterns are then made, and “tried on” by the patient a number of times for an accurate assessment as to fit.

Once the necessary adjustments are made, the final dentures are cast with further adjustments made as necessary. The process generally takes three to six weeks until receipt of the final set of dentures, and will require about three to four appointments in order to make sure the patient’s dentures fit and perform as well as possible.

Are Dentures Right For You?

Although dentures are a cost-effective way to replace missing teeth and no longer present the same level of discomfort and impaired speech that sometimes accompanied earlier models, many individuals prefer to explore other options, such as implants or bridges. Talk to your Rooney & Rooney dentist to find out if these options are suitable for you.

Dentures may need to be remade or relined every five to seven years, as gums and bones shrink underneath them. Dentures may slip, cause soreness, or create some difficulties initially with speech and chewing. These drawbacks can be overcome by ensuring a proper fit at your appointments, and/or using a recommended denture adhesive with your dentures.

Contact us to set up an initial consultation and we can help you determine whether dentures are right for you.

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